So, you wanted photographic evidence?

Photos of suits and flip flops?

You got it

This guy was actually pretty hot, in a hipster-gone-executive kind of way. Grody feet though.
shirt, tie, flip flops

Oh, the Southern Gentlemanly hotness of a seersucker suit…. but paired with grey tube socks and sandals?
seersucker and sandals

These were both taken just in the last few days. Flip flops are an epidemic here.

I sit and wait alone… in my room

Birthday present from Jason!

Yaz at 9:30 Club

Yaz at 9:30 Club

Yaz at 9:30 Club

Yaz at 9:30 Club

Holy crap this was a good show. Yaz’s Upstairs at Eric’s has always been one of my favorite albums, although I admit I didn’t know about their second album until Marshall brought it up in passing a few years ago. Upstairs and Eric’s was one of those albums for me. I’m sitting here trying to describe what that means and everything I type comes out corny, with phrases like “alternate universe” and “special place in my heart.” You probably know what I mean though so I wont go there.

The crowd at 9:30 club was a weird mix of people… young gays, older couples, lesbians, straight women, you name it. There was an incredible energy throughout the club. It *felt* like a once in a lifetime show.

I called Marshall at the very end so he could hear, but it was literally right when Situation ended and all he probably heard was “Thank you, good night!” and a hundred people screaming. It was so loud that I couldn’t even hear if he answered or not. If he did pick up, it probably sounded like we were being slaughtered.

I *really* wish my phone took longer videos and that guy would have shut the hell up but MSH, these are for you…