Lawyer General Pam Bondi’s Cayman travel was not a marriage; many wonder why

Lawyer General Pam Bondi’s Cayman travel was not a marriage; many wonder why

TALLAHASSEE — It appeared as if a marriage.

Sixty or 70 guests at a luxurious Caribbean resort, such as the governor and an old Tampa gran. A beaming bride in a white outfit with a flower in her hair. A photographer flown directly into take photos for the smiling couple with aqua water to their rear.

But lawyer General Pam Bondi claims no ceremony occurred from the Ritz-Carlton fantastic Cayman on Saturday. And lots of questions continue to be about when and why Bondi produced the last-minute choice not to have hitched.

Performed Bondi bend to traditional experts just who believed the lady jaunt across seas was politically tone deaf? The 46-year-old now claims she’ll end up being wed in a little, private ceremony at a Tampa-area Baptist church.

Did leakage on gossip websites and social networking sites cause the few to scared through the promotion? A photo of Bondi offering cocktails throughout the airplanes experience into Cayman isles rapidly produced the rounds online.

Or is something a lot more private and sad engaging? Bondi and her fiance, 62-year-old ophthalmologist Greg Henderson, invested the weekend interesting friends and family and are usually still on vacation together. But with which hasn’t stopped people from curious whether one of the two have cold foot or if there was clearly a prenuptial disagreement.

From holiday, the happy couple emailed the Times/Herald to state the conjecture was incorrect. Stated Henderson: “the audience is taking pleasure in a happy and endowed trip and tend to be crazy about each other.”

Bondi was planning their wedding to Henderson for months. In November, she informed the Tampa Bay Times that she ended up being hoping for a spring affair. Governmental insiders at some point caught wind that a location wedding ceremony was planned for Memorial Day weekend, but information comprise set and also the guest listing is special.

Initial facts discussed openly originated in a not likely provider: county Sen.

Paula Dockery, which coincidentally ended up being for a passing fancy industrial trip on Cayman Islands on Thursday. She snapped a photo of Bondi helping cocktails to your wedding party and uploaded it on her behalf Facebook page.

“She looked so delighted and I questioned authorization to take a picture and post on FB,” Dockery advised the Times/Herald in a-twitter exchange. “My purpose was to promote the lady happiness with other people.”

Southern Fl writer Jose Lambiet caught wind of Dockery’s article and used with a call to the Ritz-Carlton. The guy stated a staffer affirmed the important points.

“She said the wedding is at 5 o’clock on Saturday and are at rehearsal” in the period the guy known as saturday, Lambiet mentioned.

Factors changed the next day. Lodge team refused Bondi or Henderson comprise guests whenever Lambiet also known as once more there was actually not mention of a ceremony.

“Saturday i got eventually to thinking, there’s something preparing around,” he mentioned.

Bondi verified for the Tampa Bay instances on Saturday your marriage was delayed for a few weeks but would not state precisely why. She described the week-end as a “celebration of future nuptials.”

Also a number of the visitors asked to participate the happy couple in Cayman don’t discover the alteration in ideas because they embarked the Caribbean. Previous Tampa Mayor Dick Greco said he could ben’t positive as he discovered around would not end up being a wedding, maybe regarding planes trip indeed there.

“Some understood, and some didn’t,” stated Greco, who journeyed with his spouse, Linda McClintock. “But every person realized before Saturday.”

There clearly was nonetheless partying as well as friendly statement when it comes to groom and bride, but no conformity, Greco said. “They had single parent dating sites free a prayer and a few Bible scriptures and said that is exactly what they had chose to perform.”

Greco said the guy comprehends if the couple decided that a service in a church near to home could well be considerably suitable.

“That doesn’t surprise myself knowing Greg as long as I’ve identified your,” Greco mentioned. “he is somebody who life his religion.”

The exclusive ask record integrated Gov. Rick Scott and his awesome partner, Ann. None with the different pantry users or perhaps the lieutenant governor had been discussed one of the guests.

Many of the friends and acquaintances called by the Times/Herald declined to comment. Expected whether the guy thought a marriage would happen, Scott replied vaguely on Wednesday: “I went for Pam’s celebration.”

As Scott invested Saturday inside Cayman isles, tropic Storm Beryl threatened northeast Florida. Scott’s associates said he watched the violent storm closely and gone back to Fl for planned occasions on Sunday and Monday.

“we remained on top of it the entire time,” the governor said. “As soon as we visited a level 1, I happened to be right here.”

Bondi have encountered many criticism around week-end, not merely for any privacy related the lady marriage methods although facts on their own.

Greco, that got his share on the limelight, bristled at some adverse commentary strangers inclined to the lawyer general. This lady initial choice attain hitched at a Caribbean resort versus a Florida church is private, perhaps not governmental, he said.

Dockery, that is nevertheless visiting in Cayman, furthermore stated she got shocked at the response and also known as they “absurdity.” She got rid of the image from the woman Twitter wall, but it had been copied onto various internet sites.

“basically have understood this would be anything apart from a really joyful and lighthearted time for Pam, I certainly would not have actually contributed despite having the lady permission,” stated Dockery, a Lakeland Republican.

However, Lambiet feels Bondi created exactly what the guy considers a public relations problem.

She got naive to think that Floridians would not feel interested in learning the girl marriage, he stated, and really should have been most upcoming regarding what she planned.

Past Gov. Charlie Crist got it right in their extremely publicized 2008 wedding to Carole Rome, per Lambiet. Fascinated people collected beyond your St. Petersburg church to cheer on the partners, and Crist made certain the mass media got all the photos they need, the blogger said.

“i do believe she were unsuccessful miserably at a possible PR coup,” Lambiet said, creating keep in mind that Bondi’s identity has-been floated as a future gubernatorial choice. “And if you cannot deal with this, how can you manage a campaign?”

Aside from the couple’s e-mail belated Wednesday evening, Bondi is not viewed or heard from. We know she’s on a break with Henderson although not a lot else.

Nevertheless, one thing is clear: It’s not a honeymoon.