A little about the author


Ooo, “author” sounds so fancy.

I’m going to try really hard to write something here that doesn’t come off like a MySpace profile.

I will also speak in the third person from here on.

Vincent is 40 years old, single, gay, lives with his boyfriend and two cats in Washington DC after living 33 years in New Orleans, Louisiana. Vincent moved to DC two years after The Crazy Levee Failure of 2005. He works at a web host in Rockville, Maryland.

Yes he lost everything in the flood and no he doesn’t care anymore. Don’t apologize like it was your fault; unless of course it was your fault then please reimburse him for the CDs and porn he lost as a result of all that water.

He’s talking to you, Army Corp of Engineers.

Vincent loves photography, he loves bikes. He lost a few bikes in the flood and gained a few afterward; he totaled one in an accident not too long ago. Vincent’s also broken a few bones from bicycle accidents. He’s that hardcore. (No he’s not.)

To facilitate e-stalking, here are a number of his lame profiles:

Anything else you want to know? Want to tell me I suck or that something is afoot at the Circle-K?

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