Justin and I could be in the New York Times!

Oh, I forgot to mention this before:

TrashballsThe week or so prior to going up to DC, Justin had sent me this article about a DC Guy Selling Plastic Balls of Trash via gumball machines. One day (Monday?) while I was up there, we drove around looking for one of the machines. We finally found one at Busboys and Poets and we walk in and find the red metal trash dispenser. However, there was two people casually leaning in front of it. Justin politely says, “excuse me, we’re trying to get to the trashball machine,” much to the surprise of the fellow in front of it: Christopher Goodwin himself. The person he’s talking to is a reporter from the New York Times.

Trashball Machine“Did you really come here for the trashballs??” Goodwin asks us, astounded.

My reply was, of course “I came all the way from New Orleans to get a trashball.”

The reporter was about to have an orgasm. “Chris, did you set this up?!”

I don’t think Christopher knew what to think.

So, we were asked a bunch of questions by the reporter, which was cool. He said the article was going to come out sometime this week!

nolefturns.com to return if interest exists

Since my old registrar (buydomains.com) sucks ass and swiped my domain after I let it expire (admittedly, all domain registrars do this – it just sucks when it happens to you) I wound up getting nolefturns.com (one ‘t’)

So, I’m thinking about putting a new orleans community blog up. Was wondering if there was any interest out there. If you’d be interested in something like this – comment on this post or e-mail me (click on colophon on the top menu, then scroll to the bottom and send me a message.) I already have web space and a few domain names to choose from.

Anyone interested?

Which name would you prefer? nolefturns.com? blognola.org? nolabloggers.com?

** edit 3/27: I’ve decided on blognola.org. I still have to work out some kinks before it’s open to the public though.

You Asked For It

A few weeks ago I was talking to this cute guy at the Pub… we had the usual getting-to-know-you kind of conversation: where he’s from (out of town, of course. Baton Rouge though), where he works, the state of New Orleans, etc… I actually had the drunken nerve to start the conversation and opened with a compliment on this choice of neckties… his sister gave it to him as a present.

His sister has good taste in ties.

Anyway, at first I thought he was just tolerating me. Another bored drunk, happy someone was talking to them; even it if it did happen to be me. As the conversation evolved it got really interesting and funny and it was pretty obvious we were both having a good time. Yadda, yadda yadda.

I’ll spare you the details, but I ended up doing the bike ride of shame back to my apartment the next morning. In the rush of packing my stuff I left my USB Drive in the hotel room and received a rambling voicemail the next afternoon about how he had placed “this technical looking metal device” in an envelope and left it with the front desk. I still have the envelope and sniff it every now and then. (I’m kidding – although I did find the envelope the other day while cleaning.)

It’s sad to say but rarely does someone I meet from out of town actually keep any interest in me after their 12 o’clock checkout. I’ve been trading text messages and e-mails almost daily with John ever since. He’ll send me stuff like “Happy Wednesday morning!” and I’ll send him long convoluted emails about sushi and laundry. It’s cute.

I like cute.

Anyway, he came in town last night and we hung out again. At one point he jokingly mentioned… “So, I was reading your blog [ed: (ACK!)] and … I was looking all throughout August and there was nothing about me in there.”

So here it is bucko, consider yourself officially blogged-about. I resisted mentioning you falling into the gutter in a drunken stuper.

Your secret is safe with me.