Sometime last year I got into a conversation with someone (Dan?) about the difference between a geek and nerd. This post on reminded me of that conversation… These are the points he made (also the same ones I made last year!):

Nerds are:

  • Generally socially inept
  • Usually not fit and not good at sports
  • Lacking in interest in and/or awareness of in popular culture
  • Extremely focused on and often very talented in academics
  • Not very well respected outside of nerd circles nowadays

Geeks are:

  • Fascinated by technology, but often in how it connects people and organizations
  • Intellectual but not at the expense of being able to make smalltalk
  • Generally comfortable with machines AND people
  • Often fascinated by science and technology, but not necessarily ‘experts’
  • Typically engaged in popular culture, but feeling more passionate about ‘alternative’ entertainment (e.g., “They Might Be Giants,” “Monty Python,” etc.
  • Often figuring out how to tie technology in with useful and or social endeavors (e.g., using a Palm Pilot to look up a restaurant review)
  • Probably seen as “the norm” in many places, including various cities (San Francisco) and demographics (Ivy League colleges).

Good list, but I’m sure there’s more, can you think of any? Personally, I think ‘geek’ is more of a compliment than nerd. No one wants to actually be a nerd, no matter how many 80’s movies show them getting laid. :)

That being said, I’ve been thinking about putting my BBS back on line, but I don’t think it’ll get much activity. Are people still into BBSes? Are there any still up in the New Orleans area? Does anyone still have modems in the computer? (Can you tell I’ve had a broadband connection for a few years?)

I dont suffer fools, and I don’t play dixie

Marshall, Carlos, Brandon, Alberto and I went to see Mike West play at the Kerry Pub the other night. Excellent show. I’m so glad everyone went. No matter how much I enjoy seeing a live show, it always makes me much happier to turn people on to something new. Alberto really enjoyed Sneaky Pete, Mike West’s sarcastic & mild mannered bass player and told Pete that they could be huge one day – “like a blue grass Tenacious D.” Sneaky Pete had no idea what ‘berto was talking about. :)

I don’t think Brandon knew what to make of it. I don’t see Brandon listening to Bluegrass very often, but I doubt there is anyone who could resist liking Mike and his music.

I took some pictures of the show, but I dropped the camera in the toilet and it must have shorted before I fished it out. (Yes I was drunk) I know it’s wrong on some level, but I’m going to bring it back to Wal-Mart and exchange it for a new one once the LCD screen clears up.

I bought the new CD, New South. Pick it up if you’re so inclined, it’s pretty good. My favorite of Mike’s CDs is still Redneck Riviera. Me O Mi is such a cool little song. Click below for some of Mike’s lyrics.
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Monday Monday (la la, la lala la)

Ahh, Monday mornings… I know it’s cliche to talk shit about Monday mornings, but this Monday morning has sucked worse than any Monday morning I have ever had the displeasure of living through. The first thing I remember this morning is realising I was awake… and listening to a radio interview with Jewel. Yes, Jewel. I don’t even like Jewel – but there I was, in a half-unconscience stuper, listening to her whine about living in vans, pop stardom, and singing with her dad.

Then I said to myself:

Me: Self, I’ve been listening to this Jewel interview for quite a while, haven’t I?
Self: Yes you have. You should probably roll over and see what time it is.
Me: Ok.
Self & Me: 8:55!!

So, I panic. A shit, a shave and a shower later Dan and I are rushing through the streets of New Orleans on our way to work. Of course, now that I am at work, I see that I have one sideburn that goes all the way down the left side of my face – I simply must take care of this as soon as I find a razor. Uhg.