New boss is old boss

Well, that was interesting. I’m sitting up at the station doing nothing working and who walks in… my boss. In case you don’t know the story (then again, how would you?) I work at a radio station where I used to work – when it was owned by a previous parent company. My new boss now, who was my boss then, was the one that “let me go” from this station that time. So, I start working here, and now he works here too. Weird eh?

Boss: (down the hall) Hello?
Me: In here.
Boss: Hey what’s u… wait, you’re Vincent, huh?
Me: Yeah, you’re Jim, eh?
Boss: Yep. I saw your name on a mailbox and though, is that the Vincent?
Me: Yep…
Boss: Well, I was out with some people and just stopped by to pee, so I guess I’ll see you around.
Me: Yep, see ya!

Oh well. I haven’t hit F9 yet, so I cant be doing that bad… but BOY am I hungry. I’ve been calling around all night trying to find a place that:

  1. Is still open at 10pm.
  2. Delivers to the CBD.
  3. Sells more than pizza.

It’s not going so well.