Monday Monday (la la, la lala la)

Ahh, Monday mornings… I know it’s cliche to talk shit about Monday mornings, but this Monday morning has sucked worse than any Monday morning I have ever had the displeasure of living through. The first thing I remember this morning is realising I was awake… and listening to a radio interview with Jewel. Yes, Jewel. I don’t even like Jewel – but there I was, in a half-unconscience stuper, listening to her whine about living in vans, pop stardom, and singing with her dad.

Then I said to myself:

Me: Self, I’ve been listening to this Jewel interview for quite a while, haven’t I?
Self: Yes you have. You should probably roll over and see what time it is.
Me: Ok.
Self & Me: 8:55!!

So, I panic. A shit, a shave and a shower later Dan and I are rushing through the streets of New Orleans on our way to work. Of course, now that I am at work, I see that I have one sideburn that goes all the way down the left side of my face – I simply must take care of this as soon as I find a razor. Uhg.