Thank God It’s Wednesday

My eyelids said four-thirty and the radio clock said six
and I was thinking up a reasonable excuse
I might?ve slept till yesterday but in the shape I?m in
what’s 24 hours more or less to lose
–Paul Sanchez “Louisiana Lowdown”

More appropriate words have never been typed. The past few weeks have left me exhausted. I’m usually up till 1am or so, but somehow being out of the house and “working” until midnight has me drained the following morning.

Tomorrow is the 4th, and I took Friday off … so no work for me until Monday! Yay! I’m still trying to figure out what I’m doing tomorrow. My sister hasn’t said anything about BBQing, and Marshall and the gang are going by Debbies (they didn’t ask us to go.. hmpth! hehehe) So I think Dan and I are just going sit on the couch and vegitate a bit. I remember seeing some interesting marathons advertised on TV. (Sci-Fi? TLC?)

bwahahah!Crap. I missed American Idol. I watched it last night and much to my horror I found it entertaining in a car-crash kind of way. Lots of pretentious vocal masturbation combined with a rude judge make for odd television. The only ones I liked were Christina and Nikki.

Mark (left) was dressed like the illegitimate son of Corey Feldman and Peter Pan. (Those gloves!?!), E J was a total Cheeseball. (Not to mention his name is E. J. DAY!) RJ (RJ?) gets a few extra points just for admitting his hometown is named Cummings. The rest wern’t even worth mentioning – then again, who am I to judge?

I’m posting some more recent pictures in the photoblog, the newest ones being a couple from the myshkin show, and one of Norman. Norman is a guy I work with. Norman is kinda crazy, but he’s cool in a weird sort of way. In a if-I-don’t-say-he’s-cool-he’ll-kill-me sort of way. :) The image quality is really bad, I’m going to re-scan them when I get home. Hope you enjoy!