Happy Fourth of July

1:20am and I’m going to bed. Just wanted to log on and wish everyone a happy Fourth of July. Well, it’s no longer the Fourth of July, but isn’t it the thought that counts?

I found out yesterday that my friend, Alberto, accepted a job with the social security office. The downside to this is that there’s a 9 week trainging program starting in 14 days – which means he wont be able to make the Disney World trip that we’ve been planning to take Labor Day weekend. *sigh* Dan’s already switched plans to go home to Montana Wyoming that weekend, which is a good thing for him. I’m basically screwed unless I want to go to Disney World by myself – which I don’t see being all that likely. Julie said something about going somewhere else… that would be fun too, but I really want to make it to Disney before Mickey becomes public domain. (Upon researching this just now I see that Mickey doesn’t enter the public domain until 2019. Hmm.

Time to go to bed. G’night.