Little. Yellow. Boot.

Caution This cart will stop suddenly if taken beyond the yellow line.

(The scene: Dan and I are leaving the new Albertson’s Grocery when we both spot the “Caution” sign above stuck to the inside of the shopping cart. Having the combined curiosity of a 6 year old we decide to figure out what exactly this sign means.)

Dan: Maybe it means the the yellow line on the sign; like it’s weight sensative?
Me: Hmm, maybe, but how do they know how much the stuff I buy weighs?

Dan tests his theory by standing on the front of the cart. I am still able to push it forward.

Me: Maybe it can sense if we take it out the parking lot? Is there a yellow line around it?
Dan: Nooooo, huh? We’ll test it after we unload the cart.

We unload the cart. As Dan pushes the cart toward the street we spot a sign near the exit:

Carts will stop suddenly if taken beyond the yellow line.

There is, in fact, a yellow line on the ground around the perimeter of the parking lot.

Dan and I: Noooooo waaaay

As we push the cart beyond the yellow line the metal cuffs around our necks explode a little yellow mini-boot spins around the front-right wheel batman-style, foiling evil-doers and the storage-seeking homeless alike.

These carts are self aware! Ahhhhh!

Also while we were in the store, we got some meat and cheese at the deli – and they gave us free samples of everything we asked about. Plus, as we were checking out – the bag-person mentioned to us that Grands biscuits were buy-one-get-one-free – then ran to the cooler to get us another one. How cool is that?

I advise you all to head over to the Albertsons on the corner of Tulane and Jeff Davis before it gets all assed up. If for no other reason than to see the shopping carts. :)