Obligatory Chicago Post

Well, it’s taken me 3 days to find some sort of ‘net connection. I’m in the the Gray’s Lake Public Library in Illinois and I’m probably going to get kicked out since the computers are only allowed for research purposes. “No bulletin boards, news groups, or inappropriate sites” – whatever that means.

So far, the most interesting thing to happen to us is a guy with no thumbs asking us for a dollar. It’s very hard to be self righteous and flash the “Get a Job” stare when the man was born without the ability to … well, be classified as a primate.

Last night we went to a Cowboy Mouth show at the Taste of Lincoln Avenue festival. I’m glad to see that, even though they do the same thing night after night, show after show, it’s still hasn’t gotten old. I’m still just as impressed with the amount of sweat that Fred flicks into the audience as the first time I saw them at the Howling Wolf. The show has apparently ventured into Rocky Horror territory since the last time i saw them – the audience is throwing spoons and tootsie rolls at the band during certain parts of the show. I’m just waiting for “The Time Warp” and having Fred yell at us to get up and dance…. oh wait, he does that already. I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve seen them (like.. three years?)… I’m going to have to catch them the next time they’re in town.

Well, I have a crowd of people around me waiting to look up pornography educational material so I better get going before the Library Nazi kicks me off. “30 minute limit! No net for you, two weeks!”

Remind me to tell you about this crazy woman that runs the trailer park camp ground we’re staying in.