Et Tu Axl?

What the hell is up with Guns N Roses? Axl, what are you doing? What’s up with the Geisha girl with the KFC bucket on her head? Ok, I know Buckethead is supposedly this super-talented multi-instumentalist (he played on Funcronomicon for god’s sake) but good lord Axl, Guns N Roses looks like the rejects from the ’96 NIN tour. Does Axl have dreads??

Uhg. I’m so embarrassed for rock’n’roll.

5 hours down, 163 to go.

It’s funny how used we get to having someone in the house with us. This afternoon Dan left for Montana for the week – five hours have gone by and already I feel like Tom Hanks in Cast Away. Michael came by to watch American Idol with me and left a little over a half hour ago – and now I feel like I haven’t had contact with another human in years. I swear, if you see me talking to athletic equipment – someone please call a doctor for me. Being an E sucks the big one.

At least I have the kitty to keep me company until next Tuesday. Well, unless he opens an artery in my leg while trying to crawl up on the couch with me.

Oh well. It’s getting late. I think I’m going to try to sleep on the couch tonight with the cat and watch tv till I wake up sometime tomorrow – hopefully before I have to leave for work. Speaking of which: after work I have class at 5:30. After class I have to go up to the radio station until Midnight. Can you say “long day”, class? I thought you could.

Meow meow, help me, meow.

I’m Alive

Yes, I’m alive. I’ve just been in a terribly unblogful mood lately. I finally added some pictures from chicago, I hope you enjoy. I’m particularly fond of my photos of the B’hai temple and the creepy picnic benches around the tree. Pretty soon I’ll get off my ass and post some descriptions for them, but for now you’re on your own. Feel free to post a comment and let me know what you think they are though. :)

Goodbye Norman

Although there hasn’t been any official word, I think Norman is no longer working here. Although I don’t want to start posting work gossip on here (too late) I heard something about his delusions being places in the wrong hands and he was asked to go home the friday I was in Chicago and he hasn’t been back since. Yesterday when I went in the printshop all of his pictures were taken off the wall. I dug his photocopy of Morgus out the trash and hung it next to my desk. If nothing else it’s a reminder of just what this place can do to you if you’re not careful. Kidding. Norman was a loon but he was… Norman. In some strange way I’ll miss having imaginary hand granades thrown at me, or being help up (and eventually shot anyway) by Norman and his invisible gun. Perhaps one day I’ll look back and laugh at the pictuesque landscapes he’d draw with his crayons and markers – and the dead bodies with our names written above that filled them. Oh well norman… Wish I could have said bye. Please don’t come back and kill me. :)

I’ll have some exciting photo’s from Chicago as soon as I have enough money to get them developed!