New Photo Blog Page

I’ve finally gotten off my ass and installed the new version of Movable Type, so I’ll be able to post pictures much more easily than before. The SSI include to he right is broken, so you’re only getting that funky black box instead of of the pictures. You can see the photoblog here.

Maybe Oprah had something there

Hmm, whoever came up with that whole Random Acts of Kindness thing had something going. I was just at the little convienience store at work – I had already checked out when I realised I had to go get cash out at the ATM down the hall. I left my stuff with the cashier while I ran off, and when I returned (with only a receipt with my negative balance printed on it) I was told that the lady behind me in line had bought my stuff for me while I was gone. I guess I have to return the favor to someone. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Thanks, mystery lady.

good bye sweetie

Pig Pen: Goodbye sweetie.
Death sucks. I know it’s inevitable but damnit, Pig Pen was three and a half weeks old. She didn’t even have a chance to play with a fucking toy.

Yesterday I took a break at work to write a quick post to update you on alll the cute things Piggy was doing. The way she’d walk with the new-kitten-legs over to you, crawl up your pants leg into your lap and dig her oversixed kitty head into whatever crevis she could find. Or how she’d muster up every fiber in her being in an attempt to bat a kitty toy three times her size- pushing herself to the ground in the process. Or the way she look up at me with those big blue eyes while I was sitting on the toilet in the morning. Or how she’d curl up in our laps or under a stack of sofa pillows for an hour or so, sound asleep. I never posted it because I didn’t get around to finishing it. I left it in a text file on my desk top, the icon sitting just below the picture of her I was using as my wallpaper. The same picture I replaced with the first graphic I saw when I got in this morning – some random GIF from the Yahoo! Mail website. I just couldn’t look at her looking at me like that. I had to leave work because, as I walked through the halls of the hospital, the sqeaking of opening and closing doors all sounded like her, crying from the bathroom while I prepared her food. I know we did the best we could, I guess I’m going through one of those the grief stages. Could I have done more? The vet said her temperature was 99.6 (normal is 104 I think.) Should I have left the ceiling heater on last night? I turned it on for minute, thinking she may be a little cold, but turned it off after it starting to stink. Something told me, even though it wasn’t cold in the room or anything, to turn it on. This is going to be hard, me thinks. The vet said it was the infection, it wasn’t the room, and that we did more than most people would have done… Sometimes love just isn’t enough I guess.

I just hope whoever left Piggy in that parking lot reads this one day.

Life isn’t disposable.

I’m going to curl up in bed with Plato and cry now.

New Kitty

My weekly visit to Wal-Mart saturday night resulted in yet another cat in the Macaluso/Christofferson household. What did I spy with my little eye? A kitty sitting in the middle of the parking lot screaching as only a 4 week old starving kitten can. After 15 minutes of walking around, asking people if they want a kitten, and hearing story of one of his littermates that was dead 20 feet away from where I found him, I decided that this kitty was going to have to come home with me.

After trying to beg some friends, unsuccessfully, into taking him we took another look and it’s giant alienesque blue eyes and realised it wasn’t going anywhere.

I took Plato and the new one (PigPen) to the vet this morning, 4 hours and 290 dollars later we found out just how sick our stray kitty collection is. Plato has round and tape worms. PigPen has round worms and an intestinal tract infection that is causing him to randomly poop all over himself. We’ve given him 4 baths since Saturday night, and he’s still crusty with his own waste if you leave him alone for 20 minutes. He’s slowly starting to learn what the litterbox is used for, but I imagine he’s too weak to make it sometimes.

I guess we’re going to have to leave him in the bathroom for now… Plato seems to think he’s a sparring partner. Pla’s claws aren’t out, so I know he’s not trying to be mean, but by the way he’s batted Pigpen around I don’t think he knows his own strength.

Oh, the pitter patter of shit soaked paws.

I’ll keep you updated, and hopefully pictures will be coming soon.