New Kitty

My weekly visit to Wal-Mart saturday night resulted in yet another cat in the Macaluso/Christofferson household. What did I spy with my little eye? A kitty sitting in the middle of the parking lot screaching as only a 4 week old starving kitten can. After 15 minutes of walking around, asking people if they want a kitten, and hearing story of one of his littermates that was dead 20 feet away from where I found him, I decided that this kitty was going to have to come home with me.

After trying to beg some friends, unsuccessfully, into taking him we took another look and it’s giant alienesque blue eyes and realised it wasn’t going anywhere.

I took Plato and the new one (PigPen) to the vet this morning, 4 hours and 290 dollars later we found out just how sick our stray kitty collection is. Plato has round and tape worms. PigPen has round worms and an intestinal tract infection that is causing him to randomly poop all over himself. We’ve given him 4 baths since Saturday night, and he’s still crusty with his own waste if you leave him alone for 20 minutes. He’s slowly starting to learn what the litterbox is used for, but I imagine he’s too weak to make it sometimes.

I guess we’re going to have to leave him in the bathroom for now… Plato seems to think he’s a sparring partner. Pla’s claws aren’t out, so I know he’s not trying to be mean, but by the way he’s batted Pigpen around I don’t think he knows his own strength.

Oh, the pitter patter of shit soaked paws.

I’ll keep you updated, and hopefully pictures will be coming soon.