I owe, I owe, so off to work I go

Plato went into the vet today for his second worming treatment and his “adult” shots. What’s concerning me is that as of right now we don’t have the money to pay the vet. I feel like we’ve sent him to kitty jail or something. Dan and I have both applied for low-dough loans from our respective banks to try to cover it, but I already owe $160 from the last time I did this. I hope they’ll let me add to it.

And now for something completely different
I’m trying to come up with ways to save money. I’m considering selling my car and bussing it places for a while. Not only would I not have to worry about getting pulled over anymore but I could pay off the tickets I owe and have a few less monkeys on my back. Less stress over making insurance payments and the cardiovascular excersize from walking to and from bus stops would just be gravy. I’m scared to death when I drive this car anyway. I don’t have a brake tag, I have a short in my passenger-side high beams, my horn just broke a few weeks ago and my CV joints are clicking like crazy. I’m so going to jail if I get pulled over again. I will not pass go. I will not collect $200. I’ve seen prison movies. Heck, I own the first season of Oz. I will not last 24 hours in jail. :)

So anyway, my plan is to buy an RTA pass with my next check and go 1 month without my car, just to see where the major snags are. I imagine doing laundry and going to the grocery will both be big ol’ bitches. I could always bum rides from people or something. I’ll also miss the idea of being free to go whereever I want, whenever I want. It will suck, but hopefully not for too long. Maybe I’ll get a beetle when I come out the other side.