Updates: Cats & Camera

Well, we wound up naming the new kitty Lydia. I took me a while to warm up to it, but it?s starting to grow on me – mainly because I can now refer to them as Lyd & Play, which is so cute I can barely stand it.

Speaking of them, they?re getting along ok… Plato has this thing where he?ll bite you repeatedly until the spot he?s biting goes numb, then he?ll lick you there until it feels better again. I don?t think Lydia appreciates this.

I just realized I?m turning into one of those lame blogs where the person talks incessantly about their cats. Mental note: stop talking about cats.

I returned the camera last night and got a new one. The pictures still are coming out a little bizarre. They all have weird red or purple tints to them. Pretty, but not exactly what I want from it. I may end up taking this one back too. Hmmmm