I dont suffer fools, and I don’t play dixie

Marshall, Carlos, Brandon, Alberto and I went to see Mike West play at the Kerry Pub the other night. Excellent show. I’m so glad everyone went. No matter how much I enjoy seeing a live show, it always makes me much happier to turn people on to something new. Alberto really enjoyed Sneaky Pete, Mike West’s sarcastic & mild mannered bass player and told Pete that they could be huge one day – “like a blue grass Tenacious D.” Sneaky Pete had no idea what ‘berto was talking about. :)

I don’t think Brandon knew what to make of it. I don’t see Brandon listening to Bluegrass very often, but I doubt there is anyone who could resist liking Mike and his music.

I took some pictures of the show, but I dropped the camera in the toilet and it must have shorted before I fished it out. (Yes I was drunk) I know it’s wrong on some level, but I’m going to bring it back to Wal-Mart and exchange it for a new one once the LCD screen clears up.

I bought the new CD, New South. Pick it up if you’re so inclined, it’s pretty good. My favorite of Mike’s CDs is still Redneck Riviera. Me O Mi is such a cool little song. Click below for some of Mike’s lyrics.

CCCCCC dashed;padding:3px"> Me O Mi
you want to make a big splash
throw a rock in the river
you want to make a deep impression
take a hammer to the wall
you want me to love you forever
then don’t do anything at all

me o mi, me o my
what is all the fuss about
why are you working so hard
you’re a little lazy
a little too smart
you want it easy
but you making it hard

you want to make a loud noise
go blow on a sousaphone
you want to be radiant
try lying on the beach
you want to be the center of attention
but still be out of reach
me o mi…

you want to start a fire
go to a forest
you want to make an entry
try using the door
you want to be a beacon in the darkness
open you eyes and you will see a shore
me o mi…

CCCCCC dashed;padding:3px"> Snow in New Orleans
i?ve seen wind
tear trees up by their roots
i?ve seen hail
the size of my fist smash windows
and put holes in this roof
i?ve seen the river run high
and i?ve seen it run low
i?ve seen it rain
i?ve seen it flood
and now i?ve seen it snow
i?ve seen some things
you would not believe
like snow in new orleans
on christmas eve

i?ve seen a child arrested
only twelve years old
for playing a trombone
on jackson square
and not doing as he was told

seen a man kill a cop
in a bar on decatur
saw that man shot
by whom i won?t say
only two hours later

i?ve seen the river run high…

there was ice on the bayou
took an axe to break it
if i had me some skates
i could have skated
on the banks of the levee
lay a fine white powder
if i had me a sled
i could have sled down there
it was colder than lafayette
it was a white Christmas
in louisiana

CCCCCC dashed;padding:3px"> mobile
mobile got churches
like new orleans got bars
like the highway got troopers
like the night sky got stars
they got more fish
on the the fenders of cars
than in the gulf of mexico
and the trailer park cowboy
with the voice of an angel
sings about jesus
and going to jail
it’s enough to make
a god fearing man
of the last atheist in alabama
mobile got churches
like new Orleans got bars

mobile got churches
like new Orleans got whores
pretty white spires
closed doors
you might Jesus
walkin off of gulf shores
like he did in galilee
all the daughters
are in bible class
learning to fend off
their uncle’s advances
praying for Jesus
to come kick his ass
come the day of last judgment
mobile got churches
like new Orleans got whores

come on in
come meet the folks
a good christian family
and i mean broke
in thirty five years
we ain’t hardly spoke more than pray
mobile got churches
but that’s all it’s got
nothing but churches
and vacant lots
maybe i’ll miss it
maybe not
’cause i’m moving to new Orleans
mobile got churches
like new Orleans got bars…

CCCCCC dashed;padding:3px"> mausoleum
i’ve been hammering this old italian accordion
so long
that “danny boy” and “lakes of pontchartrain”
sound like the same song
find me a hill
dig me a ditch
lay me down
let me roll in it
don’t let a bar be my mausoleum
don’t bury me in new orleans.

scooter sang
sweeter than candied yams
man, he was the best of them
he still plays for the little that it pays
and the bar tab will be the death of him
so buy him a beer
put a buck in his basket
whatever you want to hear
just ask for it
this bar will be his mausoleum
they’re going to bury him in new orleans

that little man
who played dixieland
on banjo passed away
a friend of mine said they had a second line
and there was dancing all day
they played side drum
slide trombone
there was a little black box
for his little white bones
they say a bar was his mausoleum
and so they buried him in new orleans

now, at the cemetery of st. roch
the dead lie in apartment blocks
seven stories high
give me a hole in the ground any day of the week
i don’t want to pay rent when i die
find me a hill…