New Years Day

I wound up going to Debbies for New Years. It was nice to hang out with the gang, play some games, eat some great food (thank Lloyd!) and play with John’s giant Great Dane, Logan whom I haven’t seen in ages. It’s times like that when I remember how lucky I am to have such a neat group of friends. I know several people that seem like they don’t have any close friends at all, and here I am with so many special people around me. I almost feel greedy. :)

Around 10pm we started to play the board game “Cranium“, which unfortunately wasn’t nearly as cool as everyone thought it would be. I’ve been hearing rumors and speculation over who was buying it for who and for which holiday for over 6 months now. The questions, like “Spell Algorithm,” were just too easy. I can only compare our luke-warm reaction to the game to that which some people had to Battlefield Earth. Long build up, no pay back – Don’t Believe the Hype. We got through 5 turns (maybe) before midnight, then we all ran outside to look at fireworks, sang that song no one knows (beware of cheesy MIDI music!) and dodged falling bullets. We talked about our New Years resolutions for a while, we made up a game called “The 2 Game” or something like that… it’s all a haze at the moment (whoever said hindsight is always 20/20 obviously didn’t drink) but I think we’d come up with two people or places or things that shared a single connection – whoever figured out the connection had to then come up with the next two items. My favorite was John’s “Quartz and Acid.” *

The party fell apart around 3am and I went home and snuggled with my cats.


I know what you’re thinking.. what was my new years resolution? Well, let’s just say if I was comfortable telling certain people (that read this), then I wouldn’t have needed to resolve to tell them, now would I? Yes, it involves a secret that I shouldn’t be keeping anymore. Yes, that secret. Uhg. DRAMA!

Anyhoo. Happy New Years everyone. So far it’s looking to be a good one – if not, it will at least be very interesting.