uhg. I’m not a mindreader, people!

uhg. I dont think I should ever run a business, I just dont handle dealing with people very well sometimes. Granted, in every venture there are people that are very polite, helpful, and express their likes and dislikes very plainly. Then there are the others. First he loves the site, then he hates the fact that I listed the other nlt sites on it, then he’s mad because there’s no picture of him on it anymore, then there’s no filmstrip with pictures, now it’s too skinny, wha wha wha. Maybe if someone would spend 5 minutes in the room with me at my computer and help me design the thing, it’d actually look the way he wants it… I ain’t no Karnac, muthafudrucka! Geesh! *g* Anyhoo, no big deal…

On a better note, Sheila at work gave me her old Camera setup yesterday. It includes a Nikon FM2 and an assortment of lenses, filters, straps, and a cool little light meter. Thank you Sheila! I think I’m going to get it cleaned and checked out before I start using it though… the shutter is a little messed up and I’m not sure if it will cloud the images or not. Maybe I should run a test roll through it.

I’m so psyched!