This is pretty cool. It’s a set of scripts that make it possible to run your own “community” site like Yahoo! Groups, or MSN Groups. I can’t wait to see it mature, I have an idea I could use it for. I’d tell you what the idea was, but someone may steal my shit. hehehe They’re a bit of the ways finished, but still too far away to use on a production site. I hope it’s not one of those great projects that have too many cooks in the kitchen and implodes on itself. I’ve gone that route before. That’s the frustrating thing about using a CMS for web development… it’s like playing Russian Roulette with your time. You try to pick the best software, with the best support, and then build your site and hope they don’t kill the project off when one developer gets a bug up their ass and pisses off the rest of them. Ahh, the pitfalls of open source.

Rice cakes for lunch today. Payday is tomorrow and I’m so excited I’m shaking.

Or maybe it’s from lack of proper nutrition? I’ll just pretend.