Vincent: 4 : : Wal-Mart: 0

Mission successful.

I shouldn’t admit this part, but before I returned the camera I realised that there was nothing wrong with the camera itself. When I dropped it on the floor, it must have gotten thrown into macro mode by accident. The camera was focusing one inch from the lens, and not on the subjects I was trying to capture, so of course the pictures would be blurry. Then again, the little “macro” light was not lit, so I guess it broke in the fall. Regardless, I returned the camera and got a brand spanking new one in it’s place. I may just see how many times I can do this. Will I have bad exchange-karma? Like I’ll return a defective TV one day and they’ll be like, “I’m sorry sir, we show in our records that you returned a $40 digital camera 73 times from 2002 to 2004. That exceeds our lifetime returns limit.”

Be on the look out for some pictures of Lydia – who is finally making herself at home. I’ve actually seen her running around the house during the DAY; sunlight and and everything.

Between two jobs and school, I just want to go home and collapse after I get home from the Hospital, but I have to do homework or read or something so I can get out the door in time to make it to class. Whine whine whine.