Two for Tuesday

From Danias Dailies:

1. Did you ever have a nickname growing up? What was it? Do you have one now? How did you get them?

Twinkie. Back then it had a whole other meaning to me than it does now. One day in high school I was accused of selling twinkies in the back row of class. I wasn’t. The closest thing resembling a current nickname is “Vinnie.” I don’t particularly like it, but it doesn’t really bother me.

2. Your ideas about religions and/or a god or gods — and if these ideas are in any way different from those held and imparted by your parents?
My family isn’t particularly religious, but they all believe in god. I don’t think any of them know why or what that’s supposed to mean. I guess I believe there’s balance in the universe. I believe in Karma only in the sense that I think that if you’re an asshole to others, others will treat you accordingly . I don’t think there’s anything particularly cosmic involved.