Pictures of Stairs

I was walking around the CBD during lunch with my camera, taking pictures of whatever scenes struck me as interesting. I’m sure most of them will be crap, but I hope there’s a few in there that will stand the test of time. Well, time in the sense of the 5 days or so until I develop them. I can hear myself now, “Damn, why the hell did I take a picture of a dumpster?”

Because it was interesting at the time. That’s the fun of it for me anyway.

I discovered that a person with a camera, taking pictures of an empty staircase FREAKS PEOPLE OUT. They just don’t know how to process that information.

Freaked Out Passer-By 1: What happened here?
Me: Nothing, I’m just taking a picture.
FOP-B1: Did someone fall or something?
Me: No, I just think it’s interesting looking.
Freaked Out Passer-By 2: Is it for an insurance company?
Me: Nope.
Freaked Out Passer-By 3: You’re just taking a picture of the stairs?
Me: Yeah, it’ll be like art or something.
FOP-B1: Can I walk through?
Me: Sure.
FOP-B1 and FOP-B2: (walking up the edge of the stairs like there was molten lava running down the center)
FOP-B1: We’re not in your way?
Me: It’s ok, I want you in the way.
FOP-B2: But wont that ruin the picture of the stairs.
Me: No, it’ll break up the repetitive horizontal lines of the stairs.
FOP-B1 and FOP-B3: ?!

At this point I was tired of dealing with them so I left. I’ll post them if they’re not crap.