Photography Links

I just found these cool B&W Photography links. As a beginner, I’m always looking for information like this… especially the great tutorials on the Zone System and Calibrating your Negatives.

I’m posting them here so I don’t forget them, plus I’m sure other people could benefit from the information too. :)

Speaking of photgraphy… I printed some of the rolls I shot.. over all, I’m pretty disapointed. I still haven’t gotten the whole “theory” down, so my negatives are all over the place… overexposed here, underexposed there. If anyone knows of a good photography club, or class (cheap) I think I may sign up. I found a link to the New Orleans Photography Club, but for some reason I wasn’t all that interested in it. It didn’t strike me as being very beginner-focused. I’ll keep looking and keep them in mind.