F the Skull of Dairy Queen!

This image is illegalSo today I got this 11 page threatening letter from Dairy Queen. They’re all pissed off because I used a parody of thier logo on a joke “Drama Queen” shirt that I sold on Cafe Press a while back. It struck me as odd because they contacted me 6 months ago about this, and CafePress removed my store from their site.. I thought it was all over with. Now, I’m being told, to paraphrase, that Drama Dairy Queen was damaged in the amount of the profits generated by my unauthorized sale of “these Drama Queen t-shirts“. They will be pursuing payment from me for these damages and suggest that I notify my insurance carrier.

Insurance carrier?

Drama Dairy Queen aparently doesn’t realise that I’m some bored geek behind a computer that thought “Drama Queen” was funny. If it makes them feel all warm and vindicated inside, I’ll send them the $12 dollars I made from the shirts. Geesh.

I’m never eating a Blizzard again.

UPDATE: 12/4/03

(By the way, I get tons of e-mails from people asking about the drama queen t-shirts. I really don’t have any, but this place does. Scroll all the way down past all the druggie shirts.)