Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighing

Fighting sucks. Fighting with your s/o sucks even worse. Especially when you’re both right and you’re both wrong and neither is willing to just let it go. Drama. Bad, Designing Women kind of drama. I think I’m being Suzanne Sugarbaker too. Uhg, god I hate her.

I’ve been places in my head that I haven’t been to since highschool. Places I didn’t want to see again. This is all making me feel uncomfortable. Maybe Gina was right.

Those cats are fast as lightning.

The cats are being very weird throughout all of this… I slept on the sofa again last night, in the same room with the litterbox. I swear, they were playing in the litter the entire night. Taking turns. This morning there is litter ALL OVER THE LIVING ROOM. I think it’s their little kitty way of saying “Stop it already. Shut up, both of you, and come here and pet me.”

Oh well, I guess we have to see what our ids egos allow us to do with this situation. I have litter to sweep up before I go to work.