kitty update

It’s been a while since I posted anything about our cats, Plato and Lydia. Since several of my friends and family get their share of Vincent updates from here I thought I’d mention them a bit. Plus, I’m completely bored, waiting for Dan to get here so I can go home, go to Wal-Mart, buy a replacement pot for the one I bought that was too small, cook Chicken Tikka Masalla Red Beans and Rice, and get to Michael’s house for the potluck – all before 7pm.

But back to the cats.

Plato has recently started getting a nasty hotspot on the back of his neck. Hot spots are places that animals scratch and scratch and scratch and scratch, etc… usually due to some sort of allergy. I’m seriously thinking about buying a air filter or something. I think it may have something to do with how little we clean and how dusty the house can get. We’re such slobs.

Lydia is slowly becoming a cat. She’s starting to be bad, finally. It’s odd to be happy that your cat is clawing at the furniture, but it’s also much better than having her hide out under the bed 17 hours of the day. Next I’m going to get her to understand the concept of “playing.” Right now, if you throw her a toy, she’ll kind of knock it once, then stare at it as if she’s trying to figure out what she’s supposed to be doing next. Bless her furry little neurotic heart.

I can’t believe they’re both almost a year old. Time flies.

All Consuming

I know a lot of my friends are obsessed with making lists. All Consuming can help you keep track of (and list) books that you’re reading. One cool thing it is able to do is tell you who has mentioned the books on your list on their blog as well. Your list is also available as an RSS feed that you can put on your site.

Damn, if I was only reading something right now.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Gay Sex Ban

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court struck down a ban on gay sex Thursday, ruling that the law was an unconstitutional violation of privacy.

Of the 13 states with sodomy laws, four ? Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri ? prohibit oral and anal sex between same-sex couples. The other nine ban consensual sodomy for everyone: Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah and Virginia.

Thursday’s ruling apparently invalidates those laws as well.

We’re legal!

Now we just need the Powers That Be to acknowledge it. Massive rallying and celebrations going on at a queer bar near you.
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GIF vs “JIF”

I’m so glad I came across this tonight. For all of my friends that turn all psycho whenever I pronounce .GIF like “Jif”: The GIF Pronounciation Page.

You can all stick it in your ear. In a giffy.

On a related note, the patent for GIF files expired last friday. Finally. I remember a huge stink being made a few years ago when Unisys forced a lot of graphics software authors to pay up, or drop support for creating GIFs.

Could this be the end of PNGs?

On a completely unrelated note, I came across Re_Invigorate // Data Archiving Services last week. They provide a a free excellent service for those of us looking for good site statistics. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, Browsers, Platforms, Resolutions, Referrers Traffic Monitor and a handy-dandy Site Analyzer that checks your links to make sure they’re still valid! Coolness.