GIF vs “JIF”

I’m so glad I came across this tonight. For all of my friends that turn all psycho whenever I pronounce .GIF like “Jif”: The GIF Pronounciation Page.

You can all stick it in your ear. In a giffy.

On a related note, the patent for GIF files expired last friday. Finally. I remember a huge stink being made a few years ago when Unisys forced a lot of graphics software authors to pay up, or drop support for creating GIFs.

Could this be the end of PNGs?

On a completely unrelated note, I came across Re_Invigorate // Data Archiving Services last week. They provide a a free excellent service for those of us looking for good site statistics. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, Browsers, Platforms, Resolutions, Referrers Traffic Monitor and a handy-dandy Site Analyzer that checks your links to make sure they’re still valid! Coolness.