I fell off the wall

Untill now I was teetering on the wall when it came to our president. Well, I just fell off. If I see or hear one more person use Christianity to back up his stance, I’m going to smack them upside the head with a copy of the constitution. Bush is clearly letting his personal opinions to write a bill which, beyond any reasonble doubt, will deny rights to millions of Americans. Have we completely thrown Separation of Church and State out the Window?? We’re talking civil marriages, not religious marriages. OMG. I hate people.


Gina has infected the office with pink eye. I seem to recall her mentioning to me on the phone yeterday that she was sitting at my computer. With pink eye.

Gina, if I catch p.e., I’m going to kiiiill you. (twirls evil mustache)

Now, back to the topic at hand. I posted an ad on TheSamba.com about trading my Honda CRX for a VW Type 1 (AKA “the bug”)

Someone responded after like, 3 hours, talked to me via AIM all night about his bug he’d like to trade, then… nothing. That was Saturday night. He was supposed to send me pictures of the bug in question, but now he doesn’t even reply to my AIM messages or the e-mail I sent him sunday night asking if he got the pictures.

Maybe I should add “No games” to the ad, like it was some sort of gay personals. “Vrstl GWM ISO VW Type 1. Will trade 4 ’91 Honda CRX. Prblms w/Pass side Win, GlvBx & BrtLt. No games, str8s, femmes, or druggies.”