New Plan

I’m a Macaluso, that means I can change plans midway, thus ruining the possibility of any individual plan being completed. See how that goes?

So anway, I’m back to my original plan of selling my CRX and getting a bug. Damnit. First step, clean the mo fo.

Oh my god. This was no simple, run of the mill messy car. This… could have been a road rules challenge. It took me almost an hour and it’s still dirty, just no longer messy. I know what you’re thinking:

Vincent, in your twisted mind, what’s the difference between ‘dirty’ and ‘messy’?

I’m glad you asked.

Dirty means I just have to vacumm the two years of dirt out of all the little crevices and edges and floors and dash and and and and.

Messy means there’s scraps of wood, rollerblades, books, boxes and ants in the car that are physically intruding on your personal space. Sometimes biting you.

During lunch I filled a giant industrial sized garbage bag full of broken down boxes (from when we moved in a year and a half ago), scrap wood (from when I added on to my CD shelf last year), books, books and more books that I was going to take to the Salvation Army last Christmas, and let’s not mention CDs that were in the wrong cases, and one of my rollerblades that I thought I had lost.

Uhg. There’s still a few ants.

But I tell you, it’s going to look nice when I’m done.

If I’m ever done.

If I don’t change my mind again.