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I heard recently that several bars are planning on playing loud music during Reverend Storms’ march on Friday, possibly in an attempt at drowning out the protesters? Personally I think this is a bad strategy and will succeed in making so much noise that even OUR message will be lost; the childish equivalent of putting our hands over our ears (in the sand?) and saying “nyah nyah nyah”. I received an e-mail earlier today suggesting the crowds turn their backs toward the march in silence. While not as grande or campy as blasting “Love is in the Air”, I think it speaks volumes while at the same time leaves the Reverend to make fool of himself all by himself. (Maybe a combination of music/back-turning?)

What do you think?

Boy Cured of Autism Through Prayer

8 year old boy dead, but no longer Autistic!

I guess prayer really does work.

“He would [have to] consciously be aware that what he was doing had a great likelihood of causing death. We did not feel we could prove it,” McCann said.

This 160 pound Minister would sit on the chest of an 8 year autistic child for up to 2 hours at a time. While praying. Every night. For THREE WEEKS.

Three women – including Terrance’s mother, Patricia Cooper – sat on the boy’s arms and legs while Hemphill tried to remove the “evil spirits” from him, said Hemphill’s brother, David Hemphill, the pastor of the church where the service took place.

… [Minister] Ray Hemphill decided to devote his entire vacation from his job as a janitor to “getting that spirit out of” the boy.”

What a bunch of fucking nimrods.

Blog for America

Presidential candidate, Howard Dean, has quite an impressive blog called Blog for America. His platform seems pretty solid and I like his stance on foreign policy and women’s rights. He’s pretty Democrat-as-usual in his economic plan, but being the former governor of Vermont, he’s very pro LGBT. Quite frankly, the current administration scares me, and I’m willing to vote democrat to derail our current midnight train to a theocracy. It’s very obvious that Bush regards Lesbian and Gays as second class citizens, and is actively working to outright deny same sex couples the same rights and benefits that hetero-couples enjoy. Imagine that — in the home of the free, an entire group of people are watching their chances for equality taken away from them. Ironically, it appears the current administration believes that some are more equal than others.

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Bring it on, Rev. Grant Storms

Conservative Christians & Gays To Share Quarter“The Southern Decadence Festival, a gay celebration that begins Friday in the French Quarter, is expected to draw more than 100,000 people to the city for the annual event. But on Monday, a Christian conservative leader announced his own plans for a parade and rally.”

Anyone know what time they’re going to march?

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