Beetle Update – RIP

Well, the beetle guy e-mailed be this morning and told me that his mom won’t let him drive all the down here. Gee, he could have told me this TWO MONTHS AGO.

But, I’ve moved on.

To this. Maybe. It definately looks like ass, but with a paint job and some seat covers it would definately be nicer. They have new fenders that they’re throwing in with it. The catch is, they’re asking $1500 for it. (Yeah friggin’ right!) If I can get it from them for $500 I’ll take it. I don’t see people lining up for it, so I’ll see what happens. I figure at the very worst, if I don’t do anything constructive with it after a few months I’ll sell it for whatever I bought it for. I talked to the mechanic, he said at $500-$600 it would be a good deal It’s got a new engine, a new clutch, new transmission, new carb, etc… But the guy took $800-$1000 off the cars value when he decided to paint it like that.

So what do you think? (I already know what you’re going to say, Gina!)