Dear Miss Manners

Ok folks, I have a question regarding etiquette at weddings. As an atheist what would the rules of play when I go to a churchy wedding? Do I ‘compromise my non-beliefs’ and go along with the herd and sit, kneel, hoop, holler and amen when they do or should I sit quietly in my seat and enjoy the show? I tried that the last few times I wound up in some sort of church service, and was once actually confronted afterwards about why I was “disrespecting the lord in his own house.” The other times just included frequent glaring stares by attendees.

I say this because I am expected to go to my bosses daughter’s wedding – and I’m dreading it. I don’t want to seem like I’m “protesting” the wedding by not joining in, but at the same time I think “faking it” is more disrespectful than not.

Or am I just making too much out of it?

Marshall’s Idea: Just go to the reception. Brilliant! hehehehe