Misheard Conversations

My friends know I have a habit of catching the end of a conversation – usually mishearing something – then trying to join in. (The misheard something is usually what tempts me to join the conversation in the first place.)

For example:

Joan: blah blah blah blah
Roxanne: blah blah blah Ashante, mmhmm. You know she’s a opium addict.
Me: Wait, Ashante is an opium addict?
Joan, Roxanne, Gilya: ASHANTE IS THE OPENING ACT!!
Joan: Yes indeed!
Me: Oh.
Joan: Now you know that ain’t right, coming in at the end of a conversation like that. You all up in the kool aid…
Joan, Roxanne, Gilya: ..don’t know the flava!
Me: Yes indeed!