Now I see why they call them that

Ok, so I had my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday and I’m in surprising little pain today. It’s really sore, and I can’t eat anything other than jello and rice pudding but it’s definately not all I was cracking it up to be. I’m not even swollen that noticably. I probably won’t be up to going to work tomorrow, but maybe Friday. Maybe. I’ll give it a day or two before I make such hastely desisions.

One cool thing is that a friend-in-law of mine happened to be in rotations at the dental clinic for this week, so he assisted in the playtime surgery. That was kind of nice. It was nice having him there in the beginning, cause he really helped calmed me down beforehand, because I was freaking out about getting the IV.

After the shot the demoral into the IV, the doctor asked me how I felt. I didn’t feel anything yet.. then the next thing I knew my tounge felt 5 times it’s normal size and they were waking me up. Ahh, the miracles of modern medicine.

I am kind of bummed out, as I was expecting to get some drugs that would knock me out, but the Lortab doesn’t do much. I think the Ibuprofen works better for the pain. I don’t see how people get hooked on Lortab – I mean I feel NOTHING different. Pain is still there, and I don’t feel pepped up or put down. Weird.

I may cheat and go see a movie tomorrow, even if I don’t go to work. I mean, it is the Matrix for goodness sake.

BTW: Kozy Shack rice pudding is the bomb.