Hobbit != Rabbit

Names have been change to protect Gina from embarrassment.

MARSHALL: Hey, I’m going to see lord of the rings tomorrow.
ME: Oh, I wanna go. What time?
“TINA”: Oh! So you’re not going to ask me if I want to go? Is that by the same guy that wrote The Hobbit?
MARSHALL and I: Yes.
“TINA”: I loooooooved The Hobbit. What’s Lord of the Rings about? Would I like it?
ME: Well, it’s nine hours long, it’d take a while to explain it all.
“TINA”: What’s a hobbit again? They’re like rabbits right?
ME: …?
ME: That’s Watership Down. Hobbits are halflings. Like small people…
“TINA”: Like, half rabbits?