BBSs Revisited II

Wow. I re-visited the site for the soon-to-be-released (yeah right) BBS Documentary and there’s a new section: The BBS Software Directory. This is enough to make any ex-BBSer/SysOp hard.

I may have to download a copy of Vision/X, Ob/2 and delve into the inner circles of my psyche. I can still remember downloading Oblivion/2 and Vision/X for the first time and thinking I was some sort of criminal for even THINKING of running the software a lot of the HAKRZ used instead of the very cool (but very good-guyish) WWIV.

Here’s some more goodies:

  • ACiD: ACiD did a lot of ANSI art for boards such as Oblivion/2 and perhaps even Vision/X. Apparently they’re still around. Cool.
  • TheDraw: The Draw was THE tool used for creating ANSI art. I made a few, I wonder if I still have them.
  • Updates: Nolagay – Mardi Gras – Reel Identities


    After noticing that I’ve been posting a lot of obligatory-gayness lately, I’ve decided to reinvent as a lgbt news blog. So there ya go. I managed to import all of my old news articles from the Postnuke days last year! heheh

    I just posted some pictures from Mardi Gras Day in the gallery. There would have been more but gina lost my digital camera for two days.

    Finally and most exciting, is that tonight is the first night of Reel Identities: The New Orleans LGBT Film Festival! I hope as many people as possible decide to see at least one or two films. We have some really good stuff in it, and we’ve all worked real hard this year.

    Return of the Ugly Truth BBS

    Many props to Rachelle for sending me this old BBS.LOG file. In case you were unaware of it, before the internet there were hundreds of BBS systems that people could call and post messages, upload files that others could then read, reply to and download (messages and files, respectively.) These BBS reached a certain level of subculture all to their own. I had many friends that I only knew via posts on various boards. I met some of them at BBS Gatherings… but mostly I knew them by their posts and by their Aliases: Steveo, Fuckhead, Gunner, Cerridwen, Snaker, Big Dog, Taint, Trader john, Firestorm, Mr. Hoohah, Towelhead, Jezebel, J. Homes, Riff Raff, Shinobi, Raccoon, Ducky, Circuit… Here’s hoping some of them happen upon the site via googling one of them. If you do.. Dead Air says hello. :)

    And now, the BBS.LOG. If you don’t understand what any of this means, or if you don’t think any of it’s funny – you’re not supposed to. You had to be there.


    Ugly Truth…….
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    Can you hear me now?

    The Verizon Guy can’t hear you now, so stop asking. He has a brain tumor that is close to his right ear:

    Ironically, the tumor has put pressure on his auditory nerve and he is now unable to hear the reply when he asks “Can you hear me now?” Only a flashing light on the side of the cell phone lets him know a connection has been made and he can move a step to the left. From: bbspot.

    Ok, so that was a joke. But anyway… the point of this post is to bring to light an observation I have just made while looking at cell phone deals. My name is Vincent and I am inexplicably attracted to Cellular Spokesmen. I’m adding the dad from the new Sprint Commercials to my list of Famous People I Can Boink With Permission From My Boyfriend.