Freaking Out

Poster I made for Lydia.I’m the worst cat owner ever.


While I was trying to get my car started this morning, I left the front door open for like, two minutes as I was walking in and out to get the phone and call in late. Lydia got out. I’m beside myself with worry, since I know how scared she gets of everything. I can only imagine how scared she is, huddled in some dark corner somewhere, wondering what all this loud wind and water is. Of course, when she gets scared she doesn’t come out until whatever scared her goes away – so I can only hope she gets enough nerve to creep out near the front door so we can see her.

I know my first name is Lydia.  I joke when I can't deal with what I'm feeling.  Like now.I crawled around under houses this morning for about four hours and didn’t see or hear anything. I have no idea where she could be and I can’t help but feel like it’s all my fault. I saw what I thought was the Lydia Clone (a cat that we always mistake for Lydia) while I was outside in my car… now that she’s gone I’m pretty sure it was her. Where did she go? Hmmm. I’m really sad. Plato is acting all nervous.. he knows she’s not there. This is his first time away from his best friend (and possible sister) in almost a year. :(

I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep if she’s outside during the storm tonight.