Conversations at a Taco Bell

I just got back from getting some Taco Bell. I swear I thought I was on Punk’d the whole time. I could hear a conversation going on in the background so I guess they were getting really confused. Still, does it really take two people to take an order at the drive through? This is pretty much exactly how it went (Italics = loudspeaker.)

Recorded Super Enthusiastic Male Voice: Welcome to Taco Bell! Would you like to try one of our delicious Club Chalupas today? Please have a great day and please order when you’re ready!!

Bored Female Voice: Yeah. Can’av’y’oda?
Me: Excuse me?
Bored Female Voice: Can I have ya order? What you want?
Me: Oh. I want umm.. A number 7 with a diet coke, but I want the taco minus lettuce, plus sour cream. Also, I want a grilled stuffed chick…
Happy Female Voice 2: That’s a number 7 and a Mountain Dew, Three tacos no lettuce. Please drive to the second window.
Me: I’m sorry, I wanted a number 7, the taco minus lettuce plus sour cream and a grilled stuffed chicken burrito.
Happy Female Voice 2: What kind of drink with that number 7?
Me: A Diet Coke.
Bored Female Voice: Is Diet Pepsi alright?
Me: Sure.
Bored Female Voice: That’s two number 7s. A Diet Pepsi and a Mountain Dew. Two tacos no lettuce. A chicken soft taco, plus sour cream? Please drive to the second window.
Me: … ?!
Happy Female Voice 2: No, I’m sorry. You got one number 7, the taco no lettuce. Did you want sour cream on that?
Me: Yes.
Happy Female Voice 2: A chicken soft… no, grilled chicken stuffed and a Mountain Dew.
Me: No, a Diet Coke.
Bored Female Voice:
Happy Female Voice 2:
Me: … ?!
Bored Female Voice: Is Diet Pepsi ok? Please drive to the second window.

(I drive to the window, she gives me the bag and everything is ok in the bag – somehow. I wait a few seconds for my drink)

Bored Female Voice: Did you get your drink?
Me: No.
Bored Female Voice: Was that a Mountain Dew?
Me: … ?! Yes.
Bored Female Voice: Oh. *eye roll*

The bitch rolled her eyes at me!