BBSs Revisited II

Wow. I re-visited the site for the soon-to-be-released (yeah right) BBS Documentary and there’s a new section: The BBS Software Directory. This is enough to make any ex-BBSer/SysOp hard.

I may have to download a copy of Vision/X, Ob/2 and delve into the inner circles of my psyche. I can still remember downloading Oblivion/2 and Vision/X for the first time and thinking I was some sort of criminal for even THINKING of running the software a lot of the HAKRZ used instead of the very cool (but very good-guyish) WWIV.

Here’s some more goodies:

  • ACiD: ACiD did a lot of ANSI art for boards such as Oblivion/2 and perhaps even Vision/X. Apparently they’re still around. Cool.
  • TheDraw: The Draw was THE tool used for creating ANSI art. I made a few, I wonder if I still have them.