2am and I can’t sleep because my head is killing me

We had a great day today, our second day in Billings, Montana. First we drove around down town for a few hours trying to find the Rimrock Mall, then we hung out some more with Dan’s parents for a while, followed by spending the rest of the evening with Dan’s super-cool cousin Noni and her equally cool husband Kent and son Kasey. :) (Shout outs to her kitty Zach!)

Tomorrow we’re driving down to Powell to see Dan’s hometown and then to Worland to stay with Dan’s brother Curt. (I hope I spelled that correctly!) Before that road trip, we’re going to get a late breakfast with Kint and make a few stops at a used camera store we passed today and at a pet store to get Kurt’s snake some food (read: mice. ick.)

By the way, the home page looks all ugly because I screwed it up before we left, which has been causing it give errors whenever you try to load it. So, in case you wern’t able to read that first post, check out the kitty cam. I miss my kitties!!! I’m f’ing exhausted, so I’m going to bed now. Good night!