Reaction To Gay Marriage

From Gay marriage opponents regroup

I’m not going to say anything, but check this quote out:

“These aren’t real marriages,” Camenker said. “The state may call them marriages. But I don’t think the average person in Massachusetts believes that two men can be married legally. The mayor of Boston may think so. The liberal elite may think so, and the law may think so. But that’s not real at all.”

If it quacks like a duck…

Welcome to New Orleans, Now Please Go Home.

OMG. You’d think it cost a million dollars to ride the streetcar the way people are packing themselves into the canal streetcar line this weekend. I swear, the car was moving for about 3 feet with the door open because so many people were crammed into the car. Absolutely ridiculous. I don’t normally get all worked up over the whole streetcar/bus debate, as I love the streetcar, but I think the city should throw up the bus when they decide to do one of these masturbatory tourist “events” so that the rest of us that just want to go the hell home don’t have to deal with hour long waits and tourist bullshit:

Moron Tourist: So, where is the St. Charles line?
Me: It runs down St. Charles and then down Carrolton.
Moron Tourist: So, then where am I?
Me: On Carrolton and Claiborne.
Moron Tourist: What’s around there?
Me: An abandoned supermarket, a Burger King, a gas station that closed down two years ago and probably a few drug dealers waiting for the Kenner Loop line..
Moron Tourist: Is there anything to do there?
Me: Buy drugs?
Moron Tourist: Oh my. Why would people want to ride all the way down there?
Me: Because they live there. The streetcar is actually our public transportation. That is, when it’s not filled with tourists and sorority girls who are normally too afraid to go board them, but now that it’s free for a couple days they all want to see how the “other people live.” (I actually made the little bunny ears with my fingers.)
Moron Tourist: Well, there’s a lot of people in town.
Me: There’s always a lot of people in town, but the street car is usually not nearly this crowded.
Sorority Girl: Yes but it’s like, free today! I just wanted to see where it went!

I had to wait for over an hour for a car to come by that wasn’t packed like a sardine can and even then I had to stand for most of the ride, getting shoved around by sorastitutes that kept saying how “totally cool this streetcar thing is” and how they wanted to ride it for so long to “see where it went”. Jesus Christ beyotch, it’s A DOLLAR TWENTY-FIVE to ride the thing.. Get daddy to wire you an extra fiver.

Uhg. I dunno. Perhaps I should have drank.

PS: I may be putting the BBS back up as a telnet board. I’ve been looking at various software.. I think I like MysticBBS.