Ch ch ch ch Changes….

Quick response to mena’s post from Movable Type: I use movable type here at noleftturns to provide a couple of friends with blogs: Gina, , and my boyfriend Dan. I’ve been paying for the space for all of them for about two years. I’m one of those people that are complaining about the price even though I’ve been mooching off MT this whole time without even donating – like I keep telling myself I was going to do. I really was going to after I upgraded to 3.o – which I don’t see happening now until I see some real features added to it – specifically custom entry fields. While I think MT is a fantastic tool for blogging your new pricing is putting it in a league with the big-boy CMS packages (pMachine, ExpressionEngine, etc..) and in that crowd MT doesn’t even compare. Especially when EE is what, $200 tops? You’re asking upwards of $700 for MT – AND you’re limiting the number of authors and weblogs even at THAT price. You’re high.

Anyway, due to recent changes at Movable Type I’ve decided to move my site over to to should take you to the new site in a few hours, maybe tomorrow. :)