Update on the car situation

I’m going on 2 months without a car and I still don’t mind.

I’m trying hard to not be the guy without a car that only calls his friends when he needs a ride, so I try to make a point of offering to bus it around or when asking for a ride to make sure is 1) not out their way and 2) one way only. I don’t mind since part of the reason I wanted to get rid of my car was to force myself to walk more. $deity knows I need it! :)

I am, however, thinking about getting a bike. I’m going to pass by Plan B today after work and see what they have. I also want to pass by The ARK and check out their darkroom setup. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten any prints done so I’m excited to smell those chemicals again. :)

Also: I’m looking to sell my car. If you’re interested in a 91 CRX that is in good shape, but needs some work… I’m trying to get $800 for it, but I’m very willing to negotiate. e-mail me!