Wacky World of Wally World

Julie sent me this link to some disgruntled Wal-Mart employee’s blog of frustrations. Funny stuff, but this bit caught my eye:

5-2-04 – I don’t consider myself prejudice or anything, but some stuff is just ridiculous. Some guy came back to electronics and apparently wanted everyone to know that he was gay. Why? I don’t know. This guy was like 6’4, heavyset, and wore a shirt that said “Drama Queen” which looked like the Dairy Queen logo. He also talked like a woman. I found this man to be disturbing, so if that makes me prejudice towards gay people, then so be it. Still I’m not as bad as this guy. There was a guy who saw a black man and thought he should offer him a piece of his gum because it was watermelon flavored. What would have made it great was if he had actually asked the black man, then I could have seen him get his ass kicked, and that’s always a fun time for everyone.

I wonder if this guy bought one of my old CafePress Drama Queen shirts or from somewhere else. (Note: I am no longer selling them!)

Although, I want to answer his question of why many people like to tell everyone they’re gay, or black, or asian, or any other opressed group that often wears some sort of $group pride attire:

[Stage 5]: Identity Pride
Feel arrogance/pride in new identity and deep rage toward majority culture. May adopt/heighten stereotypical behaviors or characteristics (i.e. “I’m different and proud of it!”. May isolate self from mainstream values and activities. (from Stages in Coming Out)