Welcome to the new pad

Nothing like geeking out over newblog software to inspire a few posts, eh? As I stated before, I’ve decided to go with WordPress after checking out numerous packages. Here’s my stance on a number of them:

  • Drupal: Very powerful, but far more complicated than I need for a simple blog. I love the idea of taxonomy but I thought it was easy to over-taxonomise. (Is that a word?) Over all it’s great software, but my head was spinning when I was trying to figure out the templates. MT has them all beat when it comes to making templates.
  • ezPublish: This was a great package. Very flexable and powerful – but I found myself going around in circles a lot trying to set up clases and objects and templates and and and… I’ve come to realise that whenever they say “powerful” in the docs, they mean “complicated as hell.” I’m still thinking about using this for something though.. it was just too much for a blog.
  • blosxom: I really, really love the idea of blosxom: just save text files in a directory tree and this teeny tiny file (18k!) will serve them all up blog style. I even exported all 400 of my nolagay posts and have them up under blosxom albeit not in proper order since I can’t get it to pick up the posted-on dates- but it was a little too geeky for me. There’s no built in editor so you have to type them out in your text editor of choice and upload them to the server. That’s just too much work for me. :) But, there’s TONS of cool plugins for it, so I’m thinking about playing with it some more.
  • Various Wiki Engines: I LOVE the idea of Wikis. I’ve got a fledgeling nolagay wiki brewing, but it’s far from being fit for consumption yet. (BTW: A big fuck-you to whoever went and deleted my menu – what a douche.) I’ll post more when it’s closer to being something.

So far I’m loving WordPress. It does everything I need it to, it’s GPLed and it’s super easy to use. Love it. :)