Andy Kaufman Returns (& Never Trust a Junky)

Um. Andy Kaufman Returns.

Does anyone believe this guy?

Anyway, I’m going completely crazy without being able to watch TV or access the internet at home. It’s getting to the point where I’m feeling the walls close in on me. (I wish I was joking.) Dan is “reading” all of these things called “books” a lot. I swear, after 3 weeks of no cable and after watching all of our DVDs at least twice, I’m going through withdrawls. How sad is that? I mean, I just want one episode of Law and Order or maybe download one or two hundred more megs ofporn, man. Come on Cox, just one more hit? One more hit.

Four days to go. Four days? Uhg.

I’m going to try to make it out to Plan B tomorrow. They’re open from four to eight o’clock. I stopped by yesterday after work… seems like a pretty cool place. A little too cool actually. I don’ t think I have enough facial piercings or tattoos to be there but I want to build a bike regardless — it sounds too fun and damnit, I want a bike. :)