Saddle Magic

First a little back story. I’ve been eyeing a certain bicycle saddle (The B66) and after looking on-line and local for it, I found locally the only place to sell it was Bayou Bicycles and the best place on-line was Persons-Majestic. The difference? Bayou Bicycles doesn’t carry the B66 in stock so it would take “at least three days” to get it in. They’re closed on Sunday so on Tueday, that was looking like it would be Monday since I wouldn’t be able to get in there to place the order until Wednesday. Oh, and Bayou Bicycle wanted $85 for it. Persons-Majestic was asking $58 for the same saddle. Plus $8 shipping. That’s still a $20 difference. No brainer for me. I e-mailed BB and told them of PM’s price and asked if I can get a deal since I’d rather go with a local bike shop rather than a mail-order place. They sent me back a sorta-kinda snobby letter about how they would never devalue a Brooks saddle by selling it cheaper.

So anyway.. after placing my order on PM’s website tuesday afternoon I called to ask how long shipping would take, because I was wondering if it would make it here by Saturday cause I wanted to go riding. After an amusing conversation with the rep he said he’d up my shipping to help it get here on time.

It arrived today. Not even 48 hours later. How’s that for prompt delivery?? I LOVE the seat BTW. It’s a work of art. Gorgeous and I can tell it’s going to be comfortable tomorrow for my first ride on it. :)

Store Grand Re-Opening – New Swag

Ok, I’ve finally gotten around to putting up the CafePress store here, and this time I’ve got a new design and a few more on the way. Plus, since the last time I’ve checked out CafePress they’ve added colored shirts! I don’t recommend getting the WWJD shirt though, since that gradient may look ugly if it’s not on top of white. (White appears clear when you print it.)

If you see a design that’s not available on an item that you want, let me know and I’ll add it to the store. Look around to see what else is available on other items. I didn’t make a frisbie for everything, or stickers, but I can if you want one. Also, if you notice any pricing discrepancies (like if the Free Martha women’s ringer is a different price than the fag hag ringer) let me know. CafePress is a bitch to use if you’ve got a bunch of shops, so it’s easy to skip a step here and there when you’ve been adding 50 some-odd items at one sitting. (In case you’re wondering, I’m only adding $2 to their cost, so I’m not making a killing – but it’d be nice to get some extra dough to pay for bike parts. hehehe)

I’;m still adding stuff, so until I’m done with new products it’s going to be a bit confusing to browse through, cause I have to sort out the categories afterwards – but I hope you enjoy. :)