Some BBS Related Links

These are mainly for my own use:

If anyone reading this (this means you, rachelle) has any old BBS g-files or artwork (especially from my BBS – I don’t know what I did with any of that. I miss my Peaceful Death and Odie welcome screens!!! I’m seriously thinking about putting it back up. I’m excited in the resurgance of the BBS scene – a lot of the old BBS doors games are starting to be supported and updated again, as well as some of the old BBS software. Oddly enough, although WWIV has released a new version of the board (5.0!) the WWIV site is down. Sucks.

If you can remember any of your favorite subs, let me know and I’ll try to get them back up. :)

6/8/04 edit: I just added Synchronet. I think I’m going to go with it instead of Mystic.. I’ve found it easier to deal with plus the docs are much more thorough.