Long time no write

Again, still alive. I dunno, not much has happened that makes me want to hurry up and write about it. I’m still riding the bike, so that’s good, eh? Trying to ride it to work at least three days a week – plus a long ride somewhere over the weekend. The bike will be at Plan B until Saturday, when I can go in and finish swapping out my crappy, creaky Cottered Crank with a semi-nice Shimano Acera crankset (with Bottom Bracket!) It’s not the best, but it’s lightyears away from my current one – that just doesn’t stay reliable with my 220# cranking it away. I hope the Acera will be better.

Not only am I not out of the bicycle phase yet, I’m thinking about taking it to another level. Once I get the kinks worked out of the red cruiser (pics to come, I promise) I think I’m going to get a second bike. I’ve been eyeing a yellowish road bike frame at Plan B that I think I want to be mine. I’m considering transplanting most of the cruiser’s drive train to it, then making the cruiser a fixed gear, or “fixie” as they like to call them. Fixies are like the manual drive of the bike world. They supposedly are a better workout, since you cannot coast. It might just be an experiment.

Other news: I’m going to New York! Finally!